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1 on 1 Personal Training | Extreme Fitness Gym
1 on 1 Personal Training

Personal Training

Many of our members have already discovered the benefits of working with our life changing culture and our personal trainers. From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Know Thy Self? Who are you?

Personal Training is perfect for individual who:

  • Doesn’t know what to do or how to workouts.
  • Wish to accelerate their learning progress.
  • Have a very specific goal.
  • wish to increase their physical conditioning.
  • Can’t get past a fitness plateau.
  • have difficulty in attending evening classes because of schedule.
  • Wish to focus on detail of technique.
  • Haven’t worked out in quite some time.
  • Are preparing for an upcoming competition.
  • Have muscle imbalances or physical movement restrictions that require a work out completely tailored their needs.

Our personal training experience is incomparable. We demand the best from our personal trainers, so they can demand the best from you. Our patient personal trainers has to meet our quality of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening, and fitness assessments. We meet all of your needs whether its weight loss, event, athletic, or specialized training we can tailor a workout regimen to fit your specific needs. If your goal is to lose body fat, increase fitness, tone up, bulk up, get ripped, look lean, build strength, increase energy levels, or even to have fun & make some new friends. We also provide nutritional accountability and recovery to help optimize your training experience. The better you know yourself the more we can help.