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Personal Training Class | Extreme Fitness Gym
Personal Training Class

Personal Training 


Personal Training class is lead by our professional certified trainers. The small group atmosphere gives you a more cost effective option than individual personal training with the same quality detailed workout. As a group of with a Certified Personal Trainer, you’ll experience working out like never before following a systematic program designed to get desired results in a private group setting.

These workouts are not bootcamp, they are much more. We have combined the energy and fun of the small group, with the coaching of our certified trainer while conducted in a private setting. It’s Never boring, always evolving, founded in science and professionally designed but still custom.

This is where like-minded people begin together, work together and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose and to achieve individual their goals. Experts agree that group exercises can be beneficial because working out in a group provides support, accountability, structure, and a sense of comradery. It also helps to motivate participants, knowing that others are working towards the same goal as well as boosts endorphins in the brain, resulting in feelings similar to a “runners high”.  

Great results cannot be achieved with short cuts, waist shapers, surgery or gimmicks. Through state of the art techniques and science, Extreme Fitness combines strength training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidance for the complete fitness solution.

You’ll be part of the class and not lost in the crowd!

Sessions are roughly 45 minutes long.