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Corporate Fitness | Extreme Fitness Gym
Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness Training

Extreme Fitness corporate fitness training service provides employee wellness programs and sessions, which are an investment in both your employee’s health, and your company’s future. Our Corporate fitness classes have not only helped many corporate companies get the best from their staff, but have contributed to overall health, happiness and development in the workplace through team building and exercise.

Our highly experienced corporate team trainers are the best in the business, and will guarantee to help mitigate the stress and strain of the work environment and will leave your workforce refreshed and re-energized! Book a free corporate consultation today and take your first steps towards getting rid of those office blues!


The Benefits

Health and Fitness, and its beneficial effects are well documented today not only on a personal level but within the workplace. More and more companies are turning towards corporate fitness sessions as statistics show that corporate fitness programs can benefit workforces by reducing stress, increase employee happiness, boost energy levels and change a working environment.


Some additional benefits also include:

  • Increased productivity

Building and promoting morale

  • Reduction in Stress and Anxiety Levels
  • Reduction in Medical Claims
  • Reduced employee absence
  • Retain and attract employees
  • Promote an overall better quality of life

Let’s face it, people are NOT machines. Even the best worker stops performing if they don’t feel motivated or lack energy and drive. It happens so easily. With a busy lifestyle and a hectic work schedule, employees may feel tired, lethargic, unfit and unhealthy. The result impacts your promotion, bonus, and bottom line EVERY day as everything becomes harder; small challenges appear almost impossible, attitude is poor and people are knocked off their game. We have the tools, motivation and committed attitude needed to make a REAL difference for your business. Watch as our fitness experts breathe new life into your workplace and reignite their passion and drive with specialized workouts.

We teach people the value of focusing on the bigger picture. By instilling a “never give up” attitude, your team will achieve amazing outcomes that will significantly benefit your business.


Team Bonding

Group activity is a social stimulant. Your team will get to know each other in a non-work environment. This enables them to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses—knowledge which can be applied back at the office.

We encourage cohesive interaction between staff members through corporate challenges such as tug of war and other fun games and activities. As you know, the opportunity to unwind and have some fun can make a world of difference to staff relationships. We provide a safe, positive and encouraging opportunity for your team to spend time together, away from a high-pressure work setting.



There is no doubt regular exercise puts people in a positive state of mind, improving attitude, focus and drive. Our customized training programs take your team through all the right exercises that will make a difference. As other successful organizations have experienced, the infectious energy of our workouts flows quickly into the work environment—producing a more motivated team with a more positive outlook.

  • Regular exercise lightens moods. Include personal training into your team’s schedule and watch their mood and attitude towards others improve.
  • Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever. By giving your team a way to blow off built up stem and frustration, it contributes to creating calmer work environment. Working out also reduces feelings of anxiety and depression—a common reason for staff taking frequent sick days.
  • By setting and achieving regular goals during your sessions, it helps boost your team’s self-esteem and makes them feel more confident in their abilities.



Using a mix of innovative exercises and coaching techniques we’ll help your team get maximum results in minimum time. Like Popeye on spinach, you’ll enjoy a tremendous surge of energy and clarity of thought which means you’ll get twice as much done in half the time. Your team will be more persistent and produce more consistent results at work.

  • As your team notices the changes in their life from regular exercise (whether it’s more energy, looser clothing or happier mood) they will regain enthusiasm, which will motivate them to try harder in all areas to achieve that same satisfaction.
  • Long days in and out of the office can take their toll. Regular exercise helps improve sleep—making your team more energized and more focused the next day. We will also give you practical tips and techniques needed to maintain and maximize energy all day long.
  • With our program exercises are expertly combined (strength, cardio, flexibility) to solve common challenges that make people unwell. Allowing your team to enjoy health, vitality and not fall prey to the cold and flu bugs floating around.
  • Unleash your creative genius. Have you ever wrestled with a problem – struggled to come up with a solution, only to have the perfect answer pop into your head during exercise? You’ll be amazed at the brilliant ideas you come up with during and just after your training sessions.



A team that feels valued by their company is more likely to perform at a higher level and feel more passionate about their work. By offering corporate personal training at your workplace, it shows people they are important and you appreciate their efforts—so they are more likely to stick around for longer.

Corporate training also makes a world of difference when it comes to attracting potential staff and boosting your company’s image. Just think how good “Corporate Personal Training” will look on your company’s website.

Now you have all the information you need, don’t waste another minute! Get your team’s health and fitness goals on a fast-track to success.

What to expect

Type: Corporate Session

Duration: 1 hour


Each of our corporate sessions incorporates an exhilarating all over Total Body fitness workout.! Training outdoors in the fresh air or indoors protected from the inclement weather our sessions will have an amazing, uplifting, positive effect on your workforce.

Physical fitness, fun, team games, individual, team and partner work, all form the basis of our sessions. We understand the needs of a modern workforce and utilize team building techniques and variety to create a bond between everyone and provide an invigorating and energizing experience for all taking part! Helping character growth, Team environment, and productivity.

Will can customize your program to include anything you wish, from Corporate Boot Camps to Corporate Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training, Kettlebells, Self Defense and much more, we adapt to your requirements.


Where Do We Train?

We can train you in the nearest park, your office or facilities, or wherever you would like. We can suggest a suitable location, or if you have somewhere in mind then please tell us!
Let’s Get Started!