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Bootcamp | Extreme Fitness Gym

Tone and shape your entire body fast with our indoor/outdoor extreme bootcamp! Have a great time with your new healthy lifestyle in an inspiring and motivating environment, while burning calories and shreding fat with our extreme fitness family. Our camp is designed to target every muscle in the body and with our program you can join us at any point during the camp. Variety and consistency is key so we make camp available twice a day five times per week and the variety and consistency will drive your success. This camp is for all fitness levels: whether you are right off the couch or training for athletic event our breathtaking cardio and explosive plyometric work to help you build a healthy heart and a healthy body!

The combination of bodyweight exercises, crossfit training techniques, fitness equipment and interval training, will not only rapidly improve your overall fitness, but will also help increase your strength, speed and flexibility, as you tone and condition your way to a new body. Come and see the results for yourself.

What You can Expect

  • Classes are between 45-60 minutes in total.
  • You will begin with a 5-10minutes warm-up.
  • 45 minutes of varied full body exercises, team games and circuits, performed individually, with a partner and in teams.
  • Classes will consist of all over entire body toning exercises, circuits, strength and conditioning, core and ab work, interval training games and fitness equipment, such as kettlebells, resistance bands, power harnesses, agility ladders and more.
  • The session will finish with a cool down and stretch.

Classes cater for all fitness levels and is built to ignite your metabolism. All sessions are based on our proven principals and philosophy of hard work, enjoyment, teamwork and friendship. you will always work as hard as you are able to, not the person next to you.

Your instructor will positively guide, motivate and support you through every session, using a combination of bodyweight exercises and fitness equipment, to deliver a fun but extremely effective and challenging workout. Every session is different, and we work as an entire team within a set area, meaning no one ever gets left behind. Though results will vary, the experience will be amazing.

We don’t want to bog you down with do’s and don’ts but we do want everyone to be able to enjoy their workout and be safe, therefore, every member needs to abide by our club rules. These and others are incorporated into your membership contract with us.